Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sweet Barbecued Baby Back Ribs

I love to eat meat with bones and baby back ribs are no exception. Unlike spareribs, they don't require a long time to cook because they are already tender. I thought I would try this recipe I got from Andrea Nguyen. So far, I tried three of her recipes and simply love them. These ribs turned out pretty good even though I usually just like my ribs plain with salt and pepper. It's winter here in MN, so I can't grill outside just yet. I broiled these in the oven at 475 degrees until each side was slightly burned. I'm not sure why this recipe is called Thai barbecued ribs since they tasted more like Vietnamese or even Korean BBQ to me. Maybe I just haven't eaten enough Thai...?

I know I need to work on my plating. The other night, I made some avocado salsa for some steak fajitas and just added it to the plate to make it look pretty. The steak I made turned out really good considering I was only using top sirloin meat. I would post that recipe here too, but didn't take any pictures because it was too dark at night. Anyway, here's the recipe for the ribs. I did use brown sugar instead of regular sugar.

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